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Brendan Sargent is from Worcester, Massachusetts and currently resides in the Greater Boston area, where he teaches high school English (notice that he will use the word 'whom' correctly before the end of this bio). He is a lifelong Red Sox fan, but he will try not to be too much of a homer in his articles. He has few hobbies outside of fantasy baseball, including but not limited to bar trivia, shotgunning shows on Netflix, and tweeting at celebrities. He'll be keeping an eye on the AL for you this year, giving you insight on who is trending in what direction, and whom to pick up and drop. Follow him @TheSarge_Dobber



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1 Power Outage in the AL Brendan Sargent
2 AL Angle: Rookie Watch ‘14 Brendan Sargent
3 The Case for the Ace: AL East Brendan Sargent
4 The Case for the Ace: AL Central Brendan Sargent
5 The Case for the Ace: AL West Brendan Sargent
6 New Kids in Town: Former NL players who will have the biggest impact in 2014 Brendan Sargent
7 Top 5 AL Third Base Options for 2014 Brian Roach, Jr.
8 Top 5 Second Basemen to target in the 2014 draft Brian Roach, Jr.
9 AL Angle: Best first basemen to draft in the 2014 season Brian Roach, Jr.
10 AL Angle: Best catchers to draft in the 2014 season Brian Roach, Jr.
11 AL Angle: Players Who Will Improve in 2014 Brian Roach, Jr.
12 AL Angle: The AL All-Fantasy Team Brian Roach, Jr.
13 AL Angle: Top sleeper options for the 2014 fantasy season Brian Roach, Jr.
14 AL Angle: Red Sox Crush Brian Roach, Jr.
15 AL Angle: Labor Day Bombs Brian Roach, Jr.
16 AL Angle: Royal Flush Brian Roach, Jr.
17 AL Angle: The Best AL Fantasy Options from the Past Week Brian Roach
18 AL Angle: Best Options at Each Position in the AL to Target in a Trade Brian Roach
19 Top AL Hitters Since the All-Star Break Brian Roach
20 AL Angle: The Fantasy MVPs in the AL of the first half Brian Roach
21 AL Angle: Top AL Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 11 Brian Roach
22 Early AL MVP Candidates Brian Roach
23 Top American League Hitters Through Week 6 Brian Roach
24 Top AL Hitters Through Week Five Brian Roach
25 Best American League Hitters Through Week 4 Brian Roach
26 Top Ten AL Hitters Through Week 3 Brian Roach
27 Top American League Hitters Through Week 2 Brian Roach
28 AL Angle: Top AL Performances from Week 1 Brian Roach
29 Best American League Hitting Lines on Opening Day 2013 Brian Roach
30 Top Ten American League Outfielders Brian Roach
31 Top Ten American League Shortstops Brian Roach
32 Top 10 American League Third Basemen Brian Roach
33 Top 10 American League Second Basemen Brian Roach
34 Top 10 American League First Basemen Brian Roach
35 Top 10 American League Catchers Brian Roach
36 Second Year Players Who Need to Be Drafted Early Brian Roach
37 X-Factors of the AL West Brian Roach
38 X-Factors in the AL Central Brian Roach
39 One X-Factor in Each of the AL East Lineups Brian Roach
40 Four AL Hitters to Target in 2013 Brian Roach
41 Five Steps to Rebuilding Your Fantasy Team Jason Ang
42 Pujols Is Not My #1 Pick Next Year. Jason Ang
43 Minor Details: Prospect Report - The Pacific Coast League Jason Ang
44 Minor Details: Prospect Report - The International League Jason Ang
45 Jose Bautista: He is the Most Powerful Bat in The World Jason Ang
46 AL Angle: Hot or Not? The Market Report Jason Ang
47 Good Buy or Good Bye? AL Central Jason Ang
48 12 Pieces of Flare - Roundtable Jason Ang
49 Good Buy or Good Bye? AL West Jason Ang
50 Rookie Impact: NL East Jason Ang
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